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/home/brennan/n-sim/OrbisQuartus/server/xen/backend/oq_kmod.h File Reference

#include <linux/cdev.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <orbisquartus.h>

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struct  oq_log_item
struct  oq_dev
struct  arriving_pkt


#define OQ_LOG_ITEM_SIZE   4000
#define OQ_LOG_SIZE   1000


loff_t oq_llseek (struct file *filp, loff_t pos, int where)
ssize_t oq_read (struct file *filp, char __user *buf, size_t count, loff_t *f_pos)
ssize_t oq_write (struct file *filp, const char __user *buf, size_t count, loff_t *f_pos)
int oq_ioctl (struct inode *inode, struct file *filp, unsigned int cmd, unsigned long arg)
int oq_open (struct inode *inode, struct file *filp)
int oq_release (struct inode *inode, struct file *filp)
int OQ_LOG (const char *fmt,...)
int init_simulator_iface (int test)
void shutdown_simulator_iface (void)

Define Documentation

#define OQ_LOG_ITEM_SIZE   4000

Definition at line 45 of file oq_kmod.h.

Referenced by oq_read(), and OQLOG().

#define OQ_LOG_SIZE   1000

Definition at line 46 of file oq_kmod.h.

Referenced by oq_read().

Function Documentation

int init_simulator_iface int  test  ) 

Definition at line 681 of file sim_if.c.

References add_entry(), ADD_HOST, khosts, khost::list, metadata, oq_dir, oq_hosts, oq_sensors, req_resp_lists, RM_HOST, SIM_ID, simulation_on, and TIME.

int oq_ioctl struct inode *  inode,
struct file *  filp,
unsigned int  cmd,
unsigned long  arg

{sensor config/reconfig and stats}

Definition at line 567 of file sim_if.c.

References oq_req_resp::list, OQ_REQ_REPEAT, OQ_RESP_INIT, OQ_RESP_REINIT, OQ_RESP_RESULT, req_resp_lists, and simulation_on.

loff_t oq_llseek struct file *  filp,
loff_t  pos,
int  where

Definition at line 433 of file sim_if.c.

References oq_dev::size.

int OQ_LOG const char *  fmt,

int oq_open struct inode *  inode,
struct file *  filp

Definition at line 633 of file sim_if.c.

References oq_dev::cdev, and oq_dev::sem.

ssize_t oq_read struct file *  filp,
char __user *  buf,
size_t  count,
loff_t *  f_pos

Definition at line 463 of file sim_if.c.

References oq_log_item::data, OQ_LOG_ITEM_SIZE, OQ_LOG_SIZE, oq_dev::sem, and oq_dev::size.

int oq_release struct inode *  inode,
struct file *  filp

Definition at line 649 of file sim_if.c.

ssize_t oq_write struct file *  filp,
const char __user *  buf,
size_t  count,
loff_t *  f_pos

Definition at line 558 of file sim_if.c.

void shutdown_simulator_iface void   ) 

Definition at line 811 of file sim_if.c.

References avl_find_min(), avlnode::element, khosts, ksensors, khost::list, khost::name, oq_dir, oq_hosts, remove_node(), remove_sensor_entry(), and simulation_on.

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