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/home/brennan/n-sim/OrbisQuartus/server/l4/tftp_client-l4.c File Reference

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <l4/sys/types.h>
#include <l4/env/errno.h>
#include <l4/sys/syscalls.h>
#include <l4/log/l4log.h>
#include <l4/l4rm/l4rm.h>
#include <l4/util/util.h>
#include <l4/env/env.h>
#include <l4/names/libnames.h>
#include <l4/generic_fprov/generic_fprov-server.h>
#include <l4/dm_mem/dm_mem.h>
#include <l4/thread/thread.h>
#include <l4/generic_io/libio.h>
#include <l4/sys/kdebug.h>

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long l4fprov_file_open_component (CORBA_Object _dice_corba_obj, const char *fname, const l4_threadid_t *dm, unsigned long flags, l4dm_dataspace_t *ds, l4_size_t *size, CORBA_Server_Environment *_dice_corba_env)
void tftp_client (void *unused)
void tftp_init (char *host)
void tftp_get (char *file)
void tftp_put (char *file)
void tftp_mode (enum TFTP_mode unused)


int disp_filesizebarrier
int disp_filesize
char tftp_orename [16]

Function Documentation

long l4fprov_file_open_component CORBA_Object  _dice_corba_obj,
const char *  fname,
const l4_threadid_t *  dm,
unsigned long  flags,
l4dm_dataspace_t *  ds,
l4_size_t *  size,
CORBA_Server_Environment *  _dice_corba_env

Definition at line 74 of file tftp_client-l4.c.

References disp_filesize, disp_filesizebarrier, error, and strrchr.

void tftp_client void *  unused  ) 

Definition at line 149 of file tftp_client-l4.c.

Referenced by tftp_init().

void tftp_get char *  file  ) 

Definition at line 212 of file tftp_client-l4.c.

void tftp_init char *  host  ) 

Definition at line 181 of file tftp_client-l4.c.

void tftp_mode enum TFTP_mode  unused  ) 

Definition at line 250 of file tftp_client-l4.c.

void tftp_put char *  file  ) 

implement file writeout to server

Definition at line 245 of file tftp_client-l4.c.

Variable Documentation

int disp_filesize

Referenced by l4fprov_file_open_component().

int disp_filesizebarrier

Referenced by l4fprov_file_open_component().

char tftp_orename[16]

Referenced by tftp_init().

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