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/home/brennan/n-sim/OrbisQuartus/server/xen/backend/sdev_if.c File Reference

#include "sdev.h"

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sdev_talloc_sdev (domid_t domid, unsigned int handle, u8 be_mac[ETH_ALEN])
int sdev_map (sdev_t *sdev, unsigned long tx_ring_ref, unsigned long rx_ring_ref, unsigned int evtchn)
void free_sdev (sdev_t *sdev)
void sdev_creditlimit (sdev_t *sdev)
void sdev_disconnect (sdev_t *sdev)

Function Documentation

sdev_t* alloc_sdev domid_t  domid,
unsigned int  handle,
u8  be_mac[ETH_ALEN]

Definition at line 105 of file sdev_if.c.

References DPRINTK, name, sdev_be_get_stats(), and sdev_be_start_xmit().

void free_sdev sdev_t sdev  ) 

Definition at line 321 of file sdev_if.c.

References sdev_st::free_work.

Referenced by sdev_disconnect().

void sdev_creditlimit sdev_t sdev  ) 

Definition at line 327 of file sdev_if.c.

References sdev_st::credit_bytes, sdev_st::credit_timeout, sdev_st::credit_usec, sdev_st::remaining_credit, sdev_schedule_work(), and sdev_st::status.

void sdev_disconnect sdev_t sdev  ) 

Definition at line 346 of file sdev_if.c.

References sdev_st::dev, free_sdev(), sdev_st::refcnt, sdev_put, and sdev_st::status.

int sdev_map sdev_t sdev,
unsigned long  tx_ring_ref,
unsigned long  rx_ring_ref,
unsigned int  evtchn

Definition at line 238 of file sdev_if.c.

References sdev_st::dev, sdev_st::domid, sdev_st::evtchn, sdev_st::irq, sdev_st::rx, sdev_st::rx_comms_area, sdev_st::rx_req_cons_peek, sdev_be_int(), sdev_get, sdev_st::status, sdev_st::tx, and sdev_st::tx_comms_area.

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