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/home/brennan/n-sim/Vaike/linux/system-addons/networking/mesh_strength.h File Reference

WSN mesh network routing mechanism - best signal strength. More...

#include "mesh_api.h"

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void strength_on_demand_discovery (protocol_t *proto, u_int32_t dest)
int strength_send_mesh_discovery (protocol_t *proto, int sd, int flags)
int strength_recv_mesh_discovery (protocol_t *proto, int sd, int num_links)


protocol_t rfar

Detailed Description

WSN mesh network routing mechanism - best signal strength.


Original Author: Sean M. Brennan <brennan@lanl.gov>


Created: August 1, 2007

2008/02/05 19:14:30

Definition in file mesh_strength.h.

Function Documentation

void strength_on_demand_discovery protocol_t proto,
u_int32_t  dest

Definition at line 45 of file mesh_strength.c.

int strength_recv_mesh_discovery protocol_t proto,
int  sd,
int  num_links

Definition at line 147 of file mesh_strength.c.

References database_size(), max, min, noise_lvl, receive_routes(), and signal_str.

int strength_send_mesh_discovery protocol_t proto,
int  sd,
int  flags

Definition at line 51 of file mesh_strength.c.

References add_kernel_route(), _self::broadcast, _protocol::db_altered, empty_entries(), error, he, ip_to_dot(), iterate_entries(), _link_entry::link, link_to_string(), _db::links, memcpy, MESH_DISCOVERY_PORT, MESH_LINK_STRLEN, MESH_REDISCOVER, NET_ADDR_LEN, new_database(), new_link_entry(), num_entries(), link_t::rediscover, remove_kernel_route(), and _protocol::sensor.

Variable Documentation

protocol_t rfar

Initial value:

 { "RF Aware Routing", 0x7985, 3, 1, 1,
                    { NULL, 0 }, NULL, 0,
                    -1, 128, 5000, 1500,
                    CMSG_SPACE(sizeof(struct in_pktinfo)),
                    NULL, strength_on_demand_discovery,
                    strength_recv_mesh_discovery, NULL, NULL }

Definition at line 45 of file mesh_strength.h.

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