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/home/brennan/n-sim/Vaike/linux/system-addons/networking/mesh_on_demand.h File Reference

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enum  discovery_result_t { NO_ROUTE = 0, ROUTE_FOUND }


int route_discovery_done (u_int32_t daddr, struct _protocol *proto, discovery_result_t reachable)
int route_idle_time (u_int32_t dest, struct _protocol *proto)
int on_demand (struct _self *self)
int packet_usage (struct _self *self)

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum discovery_result_t


Definition at line 39 of file mesh_on_demand.h.

Function Documentation

int on_demand struct _self self  ) 

Definition at line 306 of file mesh_on_demand.c.

References _protocol::mesh_init_discovery.

Referenced by start_on_demand().

int packet_usage struct _self self  ) 

Definition at line 338 of file mesh_on_demand.c.

References get_current_time(), ip_to_dot(), ipq_create_handle(), ipq_destroy_handle(), ipq_get_msgerr(), ipq_get_packet(), ipq_message_type(), ipq_read(), ipq_set_mode(), ipq_set_verdict(), _protocol::next, retrieve_entry(), and _link_entry::time_last_used.

Referenced by on_demand_timeouts().

int route_discovery_done u_int32_t  daddr,
struct _protocol proto,
discovery_result_t  reachable

Definition at line 75 of file mesh_on_demand.c.

References _q::data, _self::interface, _q::len, _link_entry::link, _self::mac_addr, mesh_sendmsg(), _q::next, NO_ROUTE, link_t::node, _q::port, _protocol::queue_sd, retrieve_entry(), ROUTE_FOUND, _link_entry::routing_backlog, _link_entry::routing_pending, and _protocol::sensor.

int route_idle_time u_int32_t  dest,
struct _protocol proto

Definition at line 267 of file mesh_on_demand.c.

References get_current_time(), retrieve_entry(), and _link_entry::time_last_used.

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