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/home/brennan/n-sim/OrbisQuartus/server/protocols/null.cpp File Reference

#include "mac_lib.h"

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long long null_throughput (void)
int null_filter (struct oq_req_resp *rr)
int protocol_filter (char *name, struct oq_req_resp *rr)
long long protocol_throughput (char *name)
void add_protocol (char *path, char *name, char *filter, char *through)
void remove_protocol (char *name)

Function Documentation

void add_protocol char *  path,
char *  name,
char *  filter,
char *  through

Add included csmaca library by calling add_protocol with one or all of: (absolute path)/csmaca.so, "802.11b", "csmaca_b_filter", "csmaca_throughput" (absolute path)/csmaca.so, "802.11g", "csmaca_g_filter", "csmaca_throughput"

Definition at line 100 of file null.cpp.

References MAX_NAME.

int null_filter struct oq_req_resp rr  ) 

Definition at line 45 of file null.cpp.

References sock_buff::code, oq_req_resp::msgs, oq_req_resp::num_msgs, and OQ_SKB_PASS.

long long null_throughput void   ) 

Definition at line 39 of file null.cpp.

int protocol_filter char *  name,
struct oq_req_resp rr

filter iface

Definition at line 59 of file null.cpp.

Referenced by sim_if_service().

long long protocol_throughput char *  name  ) 

throughput iface

Definition at line 79 of file null.cpp.

void remove_protocol char *  name  ) 

remove by name

Definition at line 122 of file null.cpp.

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