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/home/brennan/n-sim/OrbisQuartus/server/l4/virtual_time-l4.cpp File Reference

Virtual Time implementation. More...

#include <l4/thread/thread.h>
#include <virtual_time.h>
#include <virtual_time-internal.h>
#include <mutex.h>
#include <avl.h>
#include <orbisquartus.h>
#include <mini_mpi.h>
#include "lwip.h"

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char * vt_recv (struct netconn *sock, int len)
int vt_send (int dest, struct netconn *sock, char *buf, int len)
void virtual_time_init (OrbisQuartus *orbis)


mutex_t vt_mutex
mutex_t vt_sync
AVL_tree< VT_timestampsend_queue
AVL_tree< VT_timestamprcv_queue
AVL_tree< VT_timestampstate_queue

Detailed Description

Virtual Time implementation.


Original Author: Sean M. Brennan <brennan@lanl.gov>


Created: October 23, 2006

2007/10/11 17:13:30

Definition in file virtual_time-l4.cpp.

Function Documentation

void virtual_time_init OrbisQuartus orbis  ) 

Definition at line 130 of file virtual_time-l4.cpp.

char* vt_recv struct netconn *  sock,
int  len

Definition at line 54 of file virtual_time-l4.cpp.

References VT_message::compare(), global_virtual_time(), local_virtual_time(), MPI_MSG_LEN, VT_message::rvt(), send_queue, VT_message::string_len(), and vt_send().

Referenced by MPI_Irecv(), and MPI_Recv().

int vt_send int  dest,
struct netconn *  sock,
char *  buf,
int  len

Definition at line 103 of file virtual_time-l4.cpp.

References error, VT_message::msg_sign, NEGATIVE, send_queue, and VT_message::to_string().

Referenced by MPI_Bcast(), MPI_Isend(), MPI_Send(), and vt_recv().

Variable Documentation

OrbisQuartus* oq

Definition at line 49 of file virtual_time.cpp.

Referenced by checkpoint(), chkpt_all(), main(), and virtual_time_init().

AVL_tree<VT_timestamp> rcv_queue

Definition at line 54 of file virtual_time.cpp.

AVL_tree<VT_timestamp> send_queue

Definition at line 53 of file virtual_time.cpp.

Referenced by vt_recv(), and vt_send().

AVL_tree<VT_timestamp> state_queue

Definition at line 55 of file virtual_time.cpp.

mutex_t vt_mutex

Definition at line 50 of file virtual_time.cpp.

Referenced by virtual_time_client().

mutex_t vt_sync

Definition at line 51 of file virtual_time.cpp.

Referenced by virtual_time_client().

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